Concord West Electrician

Electrical & Air Conditioning Services

 The  iSwitch Electrical and Air Conditioning team service Concord and Concord West , we our extensive range of services for all commercial, industrial & domestic electrical and air conditioning needs. 

Our highly skilled and trained electricians are competent to handle any electrical or air conditioning issues you may acquire, while guaranteeing quality assurance.  


 We are 100% committed to your satisfaction. We additionally recognise that your electrical and air conditioning needs are unique, and so we will work with you from the beginning to end. 

We will inform you of the various options available to suit the application and your budget. We never compromise on the completion of our electrical and air conditioning work, or on the quality of our materials.  


Our technicians are always punctual, safe, trustworthy and professional. Give us a call today.   

All Forms of Electrical Work

Our technicians attain the qualifications and experience to achieve all types of electrical and air conditioning services, maintenance and repairs. We ensure all our work is of the greatest quality and are 100% committed to your satisfaction.